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  1. To your entire Gainesville, Florida Police Department thanks for all you do…from Texas! I think keeping the line of communication open and clear for your community is a great thing. I’ll keep reading your blog posts.

  2. I really appreciated your “follow up”. I admit, I was annoyed when I first read your initial remarks.
    I sought you out here to tell you as much. However, after finishing reading your “follow up”, I must admit, you are right on every point. I was wrong. Thanks for being a thoughtful man and a good person. Citizens are fortunate to have you in the role you’re in, even if you’re an Alabama fan.

  3. Thank you. Citizens have a duty to obey the law and cops have a duty to enforce it. But they have a duty to not enforce unconstitutional laws. It is my opinion that Millions defy our unconstitutional drug laws because we know we have the right to be free of ex post facto laws. Ex post facto laws are forbidden in Article 1 Section 9 Clause 4 of the Constitution. Millions defy our drug laws every day. Millions always will. Please consider the fact that blacks are in prison at seven times their population percentage.
    Our drug laws are being enforced discriminately and are very effective in keeping the poor politically, economically, and socially disadvantaged.
    In the land of the free the only drug we can take to get through the day is the most abused drug in the world; alcohol. When we take anything else not prescribed by a doctor we are committing a criminal offense. We are neither criminals or drug addicts in many cases. We are victims of criminal laws that have turned us into criminals instead of law-abiding citizens.

  4. Thank you! Respect and civility is so important. We all must stand up for what is right. Thank you for proving why Gainesville is such a good community.

  5. Thank you, and the GPD for serving the community with such character, integrity and respect. I agree with your department’s policies and your remarks 1000%!

  6. I lived in Gainesville for about a decade. The cops were always pretty damn straight up and good with the community. Oh sure there were some jerks but overall good people. Took pride in their work, took pride in their community. I was really glad to see the GPD take the lead on this – good job, Ben.

  7. My brother was a police officer in North Minneapolis for 18 1/2 years before he had to retire due to MS. Like you, he always did what was right and was not afraid to speak his mind when needed. Social media wasn’t what it is today in 2002 when he died. If he were still alive, I am certain he would not only take the same stance you have, but knowing him, it wouldn’t hare been limited to just 4 accounts.

    As an independent who leans left, I will be the first to admit I wish Trump had never taken office. That said, telling police officers to “please don’t be too nice” turned my stomach as I’m sure it would have my brothers were he still alive today. I would say the same thing even if I had voted for him.

    In today’s climate, the absolute LAST thing that someone in his position should be speaking in favor of is police violence. The sad thing is that some police officer, somewhere will try to use the excuse “The President said I could”. I certainly hope that no one takes that as a valid excuse!

    Keep up your good and honorable work!

    B. Anderson

  8. Officer Tobias thank you for addressing this mattter. As a black women I’m frightened, threatened, and intimidated by law enforcement since police brutality has made such a presence in the black community. I’ve always been a sound advocate of 911, and calling the police for help, but that changed last year. I’ve spent many hours wondering and contemplating the words of how to explain to my six year old black son that the police is not going to hurt him and he should always feel safe around law enforcement and trust them to help. Even today I haven’t found the words to utter this must needed conversations because truthfully I’m not sure if I believe what I want to tell him. I’m not sure what law enforcement officers see in their eyes when they look at me being a black woman; I’m equally not sure what they see or what goes through their minds when they look at my brother or my father as black men. Lastly, I’m terrified at what they see when they encounter my vulnerable six year old son whose innocent and loves everyone. As a black parent the constant thought is that our children aren’t valued in the eyes of law enforcement, and the most disturbing reminders we get from society is that we aren’t valued in society.

    I offer you thanks again officer Tobias, continue to stand for good even if you’re the only on.

  9. From the time we first moved to Gainesville over four years ago I knew that my new town had a special police force. My interactions with officers, a couple of which are in my neighborhood, as well at a community meeting, were positive and affirming. The courage and integrity shown in reaction to the unacceptable comments from the President confirm that faith in the Gainesville Police Force.

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  11. Ben,

    As usual, your way with words is impressive, meaningful and very appreciated. I may only be “a cop’s wife”, but I also know the things that good cops think and feel. I love the way you humanize yourself and other police officers so that those who are not familiar with this life may have a better understanding. Thank you for, yet again, tackling a tricky topic with tact and professionalism. Donuts are on me!

  12. Thank you sir for your service and all that you do! Nothing but respect for your world class leadership, standing up for what’s right, and the example that you set for all. God bless!

  13. When I had read of your posting, I took the time to read all that you had written and found that it is the best “thought through” essay on what is and has happened in the world of law enforcement. I now am watching you on Erin Burnett and hope many are doing so. Simple eloquence is stating what the facts are and dissecting them to help people comprehend what a police officer is charged to do and how to behave is so vital. To have our President even think of making a “joke” of harming anyone is just beyond reason. Of the many people arrested in this country, even if ONE person is treated with a decency that creates a new way of thinking in their core values is a win-win. Yes, all of you are so scrutinized and thank God, when an act of kindness is performed at least some are being recognized rather than just the problem arrests. “Please don’t be too nice”….”you can take the hand away”….more than disgusting….and thanks for what you have said. And your absolute eloquence on the Erin Burnett show is so commendable….

  14. Thank you, thank you! Saw you on CNN just now and had to tell you how much I appreciate your comments. Back in the 70’s my dad made the mistake of being a drunk, nosy neighbor when police officers responded to a call nextdoor. HE was the one who ended up being arrested … When he was thrown into the police car his forehead struck the sharp corner of the door. He had frequent and severe headaches for the rest of his life which started after that event, but he never complained about how he was treated. So your comments mean a lot to me. Thank you for the professionalism you demonstrate and encourage in others.

  15. Saying “don’t be nice” to the worst gang in the world does not at all border on police brutality. This is a terrible gang that brutalizes, maims, rapes and kills. If a label could be put on it, it could be called the ISIS of the West. Do you or anyone who has a problem with the President’s statement know anything about this gang? It seems as if your statement was made more because of personal reasons than knowledge of the brutality of this gang or the reason for the President’s statement. Why would you want to be nice to a gang like that? It’s like being nice to terrorists, North Korea, pedophile, rapists, murderers, etc. President Trump is correct. The police need to stand up to these criminals and NOT be nice to them!

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